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For those of you who are unlike me and can actually find great things in vintage shops, you might want to know that there is a vintage fashion expo in San Francisco this weekend. For more information on the event go to for one have always envied those people who, when complimented on the great dress/hat/shirt/etc. they are wearing, can nonchalantly say with an air of smugness, “Oh, it’s vintage.” How cool does that sound?Living in San Francisco, and not too far from Haight Street at that, there is a vast supply of vintage clothing shops everywhere. But as much as I’ve tried to like the vintage fashions in these shops, when it comes down to actually buying and wearing something, I’ve never felt cool enough to pull that off. I’ve never really found anything that I thought wouldn’t look dowdy/geeky/fashion victim wearing. Something about the smell of the industrial-strength detergent they use to kill any germs the previous owner might have had eeks me out a bit, I think. For years I’ve coveted the great 70’s style coat with a fur collar that Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane wears in the movie Almost Famous. I’ve found a few that are close in a few vintage shops, but something about them always left me wanting, so still I go coatless.I would be lying if I said that I have never found anything good in a vintage store. I’ve actually found some really great accessories, like a stretchy black belt with a cool gold clasp, a brown western-style children’s belt with a bull on the buckle, and lots of cool bracelets. I’ve even found a great pair of red Prada wedge heeled sandals. And yet, I hardly ever wear them. I once did and I thought my feet were going to fall off from the pain. The shoes were so used to being on someone else’s feet, they therefore decided to chew up and spit out mine. But I just like being able to say that I own a pair of Prada shoes.Who knows, maybe I’ll go to this vintage fashion expo and find some great things. Or maybe I’ll just go and get creeped out by the smell. I’ll let you know.


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