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panic.jpgprettyodddddd.jpgSo the new Panic at the Disco album “Pretty. Odd” came out yesterday, and as I was sitting on the bus with my headphones in digesting the Smörgåsbord of sounds, I realized I was right all along. As I stated in my previous post (see Sgt. Pepper or Sgt. Panic?), I thought the new video for “Nine in the Afternoon” was full of Beatles references. Well, evidently, so is the new album. A lot of the songs sounded like they were straight off of Rubber Soul or Revolver. Even the intro to the album, “We’re So Starving,” was a lot like the Beatles intro to Sgt. Pepper. The review of “Pretty. Odd” by USA Today was titled “The Beatles Take on Disco Style”, and according to that cultural database known as Wikipedia, the album was actually recorded at Abbey Road Studio in London. Weird. Beatles redux or not, the whole album is pretty awesome. I highly recommend downloading it. Some of my faves include the soft ballad “Northern Downpour,” and the bouncy cutely-named country song “Folkin’ Around.” Download, listen, enjoy. sgt_pepper.jpg


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