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Has anyone else seen this ad for the new backless bra from Maidenform? Apparently it won something on one of those inventor reality shows, so I’m hoping it really works. Of course I don’t put a lot of stock in reality shows (except Project Runway of course, but that’s not a reality show, it’s a way of life). I am a huge fan of showing off the back in backless or low-back tops (the sexiest body part in my opinion–so underrated), but I have never liked those stick-on monstrosities. Sorry, but sticking a flimsy piece of fabric over my nipples isn’t going to do it for me. I had a horrible experience with stick-on bras during my senior ball in high school. My dress was thin and showed way more than I wanted, and my stick on started to wrinkle up on my skin in unflattering ways…I don’t want to talk about it. I’m still scarred from this day (mentally, not physically). That’s why I’m excited to try this new creation. Hopefully it works, because I bought a low-backed black top not too long ago that’s been waiting in my closet for something like this to come along and liberate it.


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