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Lately I’ve seen models in ads and editorials wearing bright pink eyeshadow (the one above is from Sephora). I have to say I kind of dig this look, but I’m worried that if I try this is real life it will look like I’m feverish or have contracted some sort of weird foreign disease. Is this the kind of thing that only looks good in magazines but fails miserably when put to the real-world test?

Usually I try out these crazy new makeup experiments on nights that I have to work. The dim bar environment is very scary-makeup friendly. Plus most of the people are drunk anyway, so they won’t realize and/or remember if it looks terrible or not.

This isn’t the best shot–it looks kind of tame in this picture, but it’s really a more vivid pink in person (and, oh God, why does my nose look so huge? Terrible picture. Ick. But you get the point). I’ll let you know how it goes over. If I get people asking me if I feel ok or “Are you tired?”(my personal favorite. What are you supposed to say to that? They’re basically asking you why you look like crud), you’ll know not to try this in public unless you’re Kate Moss.


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