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I read today that Karl Lagerfeld is going to be a character in the new Grand Theft Auto Vice City video game. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Mr. Lagerfeld is becoming a celebrity in his own right? In this month’s issue of Allure magazine there was an article about various celebs and pop culture figures who have their own doll/action figure made in their likeness. Of course, Karl Lagerfeld was one such celebrity with his own doll (oddly, his doll was the most realistic out of all of them: Beyonce just looked like a black Barbie doll, Gwen Stefani’s doll featured a head that was half the size of her body and John Travolta’s character from Hairspray was just plain freaky). Karl Lagerfeld seems to be becoming the most famous fashion designer since Coco Chanel.

I have to wonder if this newfound celebrity status cheapens Mr. Lagerfeld’s image as a high-fashion designer, or if it instead does the fashion world justice by bringing fashion icons into the popular culture lexicon. A lot of girls I know that are interested in fashion still don’t know exactly who Karl Lagerfeld is. Granted they aren’t fashion freaks and digest every bit of information in every magazine like I do, but they should at least know the designer of one of the biggest and most widely known fashion houses in the world, right?

Maybe this is a good thing and Karl Lagerfeld will become the next Lara Croft. He would certainly add something to the outfit, maybe adding leather half-gloves, black jacket and a silk necktie. You never know.


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