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I’m a 26-year old California native who is currently living in San Francisco. Mild-mannered fashion design student by day, part-time bartender by night, full-time fashion and music fanatic ALL the time. I like to think of myself as a tomboy, one who never backs away from a great concert or a night out drinking beer at a dive bar, but a tomboy with a feminine side who plays with makeup and loves to shop, and who knows how to put a killer outfit together if the occasion calls for it (which it always does).  I read profusely–literature (I read about one book a week, anyone from Hemingway and Ayn Rand to Chuck Klosterman and Dave Eggers), fashion magazines (ELLE, Nylon, and of course Vogue are favorites), and I also get my fill of trashy tabloids (can anyone say guilty pleasure?).  I’m equally interested in pop culture, high culture, the counterculture, and no discernible culture (I’m from a small farming town). I feel equally at ease in the toniest of restaurants and the greasiest of tattoo parlors. I believe in individuality above all else, and I hope anyone who reads this blog can appreciate the beauty in the uncommon and the unlikely like I do.


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