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OK, Bay to Breakers is finally here!  (Well, on Sunday.  But when you’ve been looking forward to it for the past year, a few days is nothing).  My pals and I finally decided on costumes and I mostly have gotten it all together.  The theme has changed from roller derby to roller disco (not an earth-shattering change, but this theme we decided is more fun. Apparently more fun=more sequins).  Here’s a rundown of what I have:

1.  Burgundy short-shorts with white piping from American Apparel

2.  Sequined gold cropped tube-top purchased at Aardvark’s on Haight Street

3.  Knee-high yellow and burgundy striped athletic socks from American Apparel

4.  Vintage red-white-and-blue roller skates purchased on eBay

5.  White Elton John-esque sunglasses from Evangeline’s in Sacramento

6.  Gold multi-strand necklace from So Good on Haight Street

7.  Black shiny track jacket with yellow stripes bought at Wasteland on Haight Street

I’m still thinking about getting some striped terrycloth wristbands at American Apparel and I’m planning on doing my makeup with bright powder blue eyeshadow and frosted lip gloss, with lots and lots of bronzer.  My hair I’m still figuring out–I was looking for a Farrah Fawcett-like wig, because short hair doesn’t lend itself well to lots of experimental hairstyles, but the wigs I’ve found were sort of sub-par.  And my friend Alison is already wearing an afro wig, so I don’t really want to do the same thing.  Last night my roommate Jenny styled my hair in a really cool feathered-back style that kind of works, so I’ll probably go with that.  

I’m so excited!  I will be sure to post lots of pictures of all the debauchery.  And this year I’ll be sure not to drink so much Jameson so that I might actually remember everything to write about it.


First of all you will have to excuse my infrequent postings of late–thanks to AT&T I’ve been without internet capabilities at my apartment for the last week.  

But I don’t hold grudges, so let’s move on.

I recently picked up the newest big-name guest designer item at Target, a bag by the brand Gryson.  I LOVE it.  It’s black, shiny, has gold hardware, and best of all, doesn’t look like it cost only $50.  The first thing my roommate said when she saw it was “Wow, cool bag!” in a high, excited register that only dogs can understand.

“Thanks” I say, “I got it at Target.”

My roommate has always insisted that she can never find good things at Target, while I on the other hand, have found numerous cheap and chic treasures.  The Go International idea is fantastic.  Who else besides celebrities, heiresses, or someone who married into a very rich family could afford to buy brands like Proenza Schouler, Gryson, Rafe, Libertine, and Jovovich Hawk? 

As an example, here is a picture of the bag I purchased at the price of $50:

Now here is a real Gryson bag available at the Elements boutique in Chicago:

And the price of the real McCoy?  A whopping $1295.00.  For less than 1/25 of the price of the real thing you can get one designed by the same designer, that looks just as good (if not better in my opinion), but is maybe made out of synthetic leather instead of “slate pebbled leather with navy patent leather detailing.”  

Example #2:  Here is a picture of the Proenza Schouler bustier look shown on their Fall ’05 runway.  I don’t know what it retailed for, but it was probably the price of a small child or a private island:

And here is a bustier they sold at Target under the Go International line for around $60:

See, not quite the same thing, but pretty comparable, and you won’t have to sell a kidney to get it.

Whatever.  I’d rather shop at target and be able to have extra cash around to put into my new fabulous and cheap Gryson for Target bag.


In an effort to be different and stand out a bit (the haircut has really boosted my confidence in the fashion department, so I think I can get away with gutsier clothes) I bought some green jeans yesterday.

I had tried these Rich and Skinny Emerald Sleek jeans on at Bloomingdales a week prior and really liked them, but couldn’t justify spending $150 on something so trendy. So I opted for something a little more practical (see my previous post, An Epic Journey…). But I kept thinking about them, and they really did fit well. So I went back and bought them yesterday.

So now my problem is styling options. I’ve worn them with black and grey tanks (black last night at the concert and grey as we speak), and I know white and other neutrals would work. The Bloomingdales salesperson had told me that the green would look good with muted yellow, purple, maroon, and other vaguely perturbing color choices. While I was politely nodding at his color suggestions, inside I was wondering just how much I wanted to look like an easter egg or a box of Crayolas gone berzerk. I’m not so sure about the color-on-color thing. Maybe one day when I’m feeling especially gutsy I’ll throw on my purple tie-dye tank from C&C California. But for now I’ll stick with the black, white and grey.

The pastel police are on the prowl, after all.

Has anyone else seen this ad for the new backless bra from Maidenform? Apparently it won something on one of those inventor reality shows, so I’m hoping it really works. Of course I don’t put a lot of stock in reality shows (except Project Runway of course, but that’s not a reality show, it’s a way of life). I am a huge fan of showing off the back in backless or low-back tops (the sexiest body part in my opinion–so underrated), but I have never liked those stick-on monstrosities. Sorry, but sticking a flimsy piece of fabric over my nipples isn’t going to do it for me. I had a horrible experience with stick-on bras during my senior ball in high school. My dress was thin and showed way more than I wanted, and my stick on started to wrinkle up on my skin in unflattering ways…I don’t want to talk about it. I’m still scarred from this day (mentally, not physically). That’s why I’m excited to try this new creation. Hopefully it works, because I bought a low-backed black top not too long ago that’s been waiting in my closet for something like this to come along and liberate it.


I have been on what seems like an epic journey to find the prefect pair of skinny jeans for some time now. I know that the more popular style right now are the wide legs and flares, but I don’t really feel like looking like I walked right off the set of the Sonny and Cher Show. I’ve always been more of a fan of bootcut and straight leg styles. Skinny jeans have always eluded me, mostly because a lot of the styles I’ve tried were so tapered and skinny that it looked like I was wearing denim-colored spandex, not a good look for me (and anyone else if you ask me). And so I have embarked upon my noble quest to find the perfect pair that aren’t like a second skin. Enter stage right, the Earnest Sewn Harlan cigarette leg jeans. Really dark wash, mid-rise waist (I’m over showing my buttcrack to strangers on the street, at least not without a cash advance, kidding), and better yet, a leg that isn’t super tapered and thus skims the leg all the way down, instead of clinging like saran wrap. Hallelujah! They’re still brand new and a little stiff, so I’ve been walking around my apartment doing squats and other strange movements to break them in. Pretty soon I’ll be good to go.

Now if I could only find the perfect pair of pointy-toed pumps that don’t kill my feet to go with them…but that’s an epic journey for another day.

I really dug this top I saw at Nordstrom yesterday. I love the punk rock influence. But to spend that much money on it when I could do it myself? Never. Doesn’t spending that much on something negate the whole punk ideology?


(Sorry about the bad pic quality, but in case you can’t tell those are safety pins circling her neck).

Price of this Norma Kamali for Everlast top=$229

Black cotton jersey t-shirt from American Apparel=$16

Jumbo box of silver safety pins=$2.79

Saving $210.21 on a designer shirt you can make yourself and keeping your punk cred intact=priceless

(Sorry to employ this over-used and cliched credit card commercial rip-off, but it got my point across, no?)

For years and years I’ve been wearing bras in a size 36B. It’s what I feel comfortable in, it’s what fits me best. Or so I thought. The other day I was in Nordstrom looking for a new nude bra that isn’t horribly ugly and boring, and asked the salesgirl if she had a certain bra in my size in the back. She took one look at me, cocked her eyebrow and said, “You’re not a 36B.””Yes I am. It’s what I’ve been wearing for years.””No, you’re not”After I finished being stubborn about my size, I asked her what size I am. She whipped out her tape measure (which was a semi-uncomfortable experience, I’m not a prude and I’m not uncomfortable with my body, but I don’t make it a habit of showing my boobs to complete strangers, sorry Girls Gone Wild) and proceeded to inform me that I’m actually a perfect 32D.”You’re joking. I’m not a D cup. No way.”You see, I’m on the small side on top. Not flat to be sure, but I’ve always been pretty slim and not overly endowed in the boobage department (my sister got the boob gene). But sure enough, she brought a selection of 32D bras in for me to try and they all fit perfectly, if not a little tight around the band. But being that I’m so used to 36 bands feeling kind of loose, that was to be expected. Turns out when you go down in band size you go up in cup size. I had no idea. So now I am in the process of restocking my bra collection to my new size. I bought a few Calvin Kleins (the best bras out there if you ask me) and have a lot more to go. I’m loving the Elle MacPherson intimates collection, as well as the Betsy Johnson lingerie line. Stella McCartney has a great lingerie line too, but when I get to the point where I feel like spending $150 on a bra is justified, I’ll let you know.I told my friend Alison about my bra sizing adventure. The first thing she did was look me up and down and say the words I’m sure I’ll hear now quite often.”You’re not a D-cup!”