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Alright, I’m really sorry for being away from my blogging for so long. Actually, I haven’t been away, I’ve just had another forum to voice myself, hence the reason for this posting. I’ve been hired as a writer for the very cool shopping website So if you want to keep up with me and what I’ve been up to, and get some great product recommendations and entertainment at the same time, visit It’s worth it, trust me!


So yesterday was Bay to Breakers 2008. I had such an awesome time, I thought I’d give everyone the play-by-play.

Sun, May 18 (the following timetable is approximate, due to the extraordinary amount of alcohol consumed and the subsequent inability of remembrance of certain details)

5:00am: I go to sleep after working at the bar all night. Had several naps on Sat. night before work so that I would not be a complete zombie for B2B.

7am: I wake up after 2 hours of sleep. Drink very large cup of coffee and get my costume on (roller disco for those who haven’t been keeping up on my posts) and ready to go. Drink another cup of coffee. Do my makeup very 70’s-esque with bright blue eyeshadow and frosted lipstick. Drink more coffee.

8am: Our friends show up for the pre-B2B breakfast at mine and Jenny’s place (they were told to be here at 7:30am, but whatever). We serve bagels from House of Bagels around the corner and fruit salad, with mimosas and tequila shots. I drink some vodka and red bull as well, as you can tell by the following picture of my brother and I:

9am: We set off for Golden Gate Park on our roller skates. Progress is slow and shaky.

11am: We finally make it the 4 blocks to Golden Gate Park (just kidding, it was more like 9:20 when we got there). We see a lot of the more serious runners and walkers (i.e. people still sober and not in costumes). We walk/skate backward along the route to get to the end of the crowd where all of “our people” were.

9:25am: We see the first of the creative costumes. I got a kick out of these “swimmers” and their inflatable portable pools:

9:30am: We see the first of the naked people. It always makes me feel a little curious as to what goes through these peoples’ minds when they decide to do this in the buff. They’re always by themselves too….weird. I like the crown on this dude, like he’s dubbed himself king of the naked people:

9:35am: A school of jellyfish float by, and I like their costumes. Simple idea, but done really well. The tie-dye adds a cool San Francisco touch:

9:45am: I discover a previously undiscovered and unusual talent of mine: I am a pretty darn good hula hooper (while on roller skates and semi-intoxicated to boot). That’s my brother’s very 70’s friend Patrick hooping along with me.

10am: We are thrilled to come upon a bandstand with a cool band playing music for the various walkers and runners. Of course we have to stop and get our boogie on:

10:10am: My brother Jason and friend Alison can’t resist a photo op with this very naked, very “peace-ful” naked dude who is enjoying the music along with us:

10:20am: The Berkeley contingent brings along their mascot. Props to the dude in the bear costume.

10:25am: We pass by dudes dressed up like different wildlife creatures. I have to admire any guy who will fearlessly don spandex for a good cause. The deer is in the front, while the panda is on the left just out of frame, and posing with my brother. Love the bamboo sprig in the panda’s mouth, and the cell phone/camera bulge in the deer’s tights:

10:27am: I pose with this dude purely for the fact that he has an awesome Fu-Manchu. If it looks like I’m doing an obscene gesture, it’s totally a coincidence and only realized that when going through the pictures later:

10:30am: We run across the gang from sesame street on a float near the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park. If I were younger I think I might have been scarred for life by seeing Big Bird and The Chef drinking out of a keg. The Chef actually ran up to my pal Alison at some point later and threw flour on her and yelled, “Borga borga borga!!” I don’t think Alison ever fully recovered.

10:35am: As always there are a few pirates in the crowd. I thought these guys’ float is the most impressive. This isn’t a very good picture, but it’s a full-on pirate ship:

10:40am: A giant bounce-house on wheels goes by, and I am momentarily tempted to enter. After realizing that a) I’m on rollerskates, and b) there are some pretty scary-looking people in the bounce-house, I decide against it.

10:45am: One of the many rolling bars passes by:

11:00am: Alison meets Ace and Gary from the Ambiguously Gay Duo (for you non-SNL fans, don’t worry about it), and then poses with a guy dressed up as someone who was trampled by the crowd:

11:15am: My roommate Jenny makes friends with the two known as the “Hairy Ballers”. If you can’t tell from the picture why they’re called that, I’m not going to try to explain it to you (hint: look down):

11:30am: We are thrilled to find another 70’s troupe, complete with a disco ball, so we have to do an impromptu disco dance with them. They aren’t on skates though, so we win the disco dance-off:

11:55am: Alison meets a pretty peacock, who I have to give props to for an awesome costume:

12:00pm: As the party winds up and my camera battery winds down, we all manage to pose for one last group photo:

And thus one more year of Bay to Breakers comes to an end. Overall, I was a little disappointed in the creativity of other peoples’ costumes–it seemed like people went all out last year and not so much this year. But everyone loved our costumes, and we all had a ball (a disco ball, get it?), so that’s what really matters. Now to decide what we’re going to be next year…

The Met Gala was this week, and I expressed to my roommates how excited I was to see what everyone wore.  They couldn’t understand why I was so excited.  

“But it’s better than the Oscars!” I say.  And I truly believe this, because in my opinion the actors and actresses on the Oscar red carpet are too concerned with being put on someone’s worst dressed list and not so much interested in making a great fashion statement.  Not so with the Met Gala.  Mainly because the Met Gala is attended not only by actors and actresses, but also by people in the art and fashion world, and so are more likely to make some sort of high-fashion statement.  And they did not fail to disappoint.  Here are a few of my faves (and not so faves):

Amber Valetta in Atelier Versace

She just looks great, and not just because she’s a supermodel.  I love the color especially, and the shiny fabric.  And just the way it fits her.  She’s also taken a little chance with the poufy cape-thing, but it totally works.

Christina Ricci in Givenchy Haute Couture

I’m not usually a huge fan of red-pink combos, but this really works.  The sheer fabric and the artful geometric red shapes poking through are genius.

Clive Owen in Armani

He’s just yummy.

Ellen Barkin in Diane Von Furstenburg

I just hope that I look this stunning when I’m older.  Heck, I wish I could look like this now.  It’s a little on the safe side for me, but she looks fantastic so that doesn’t bother me.

Eva Amurri in Louis Vuitton

The fit on this dress is all wrong.  She looks like she’s too squeezed in up top.  OW!  Doesn’t that hurt?  It also looks a little too 80’s prom for my taste.

Hilary Rhoda

She would have been way too boring if it weren’t for the accessories, i.e. the necklace.  That necklace makes the whole outfit, and the somewhat blank canvas of the rest of the outfit the perfect frame for it.

Jennifer Connolly in Balenciaga

I both love and hate certain parts of this outfit.  Love the dress, Nicolas Ghesquiere is a genius.  But don’t like the shoes (too pointy and witch-like), and don’t like the matching necklace/bracelets combo (too many accessories).  She should have just let the cool dress do the talking.

Kate Bosworth in Chanel Haute Couture

This might be my favorite dress of the night.  I love that she is wearing something short, and I love the shoes with the dress.  The dress itself is AMAZING, though it doesn’t really look like Chanel to me, maybe more Pucci, but I still love it.  Don’t like her eye makeup matching her shoes though.  A little too much blue overkill.

Kate Moss and Stella McCartney in Stella McCartney

Kate looks so put together and classic, which is a little different than her usual rock-and-roll disheveled chic (which I also love).  Stella also looks great, I sometimes think the whole one-shoulder toga dress thing is played out, but this dress is saved by it’s interesting draping and awesome color.

Kathryn Neale Schafer 

Way too much going on with the dress–I think it might be Marchesa and I’ve never been a fan of that line’s over-the-top detailing.  The appliques, the draped sleeves, too much.  Plus those leather boot/legging things are just weird.  Ick.

Lou Doillon in Marni (with Consuelo Castiglioni)

Lou is one of my personal style icons, she can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.  She could put on a paper sack and look awesome.  Love how she accessorized with the cool leather cropped jacket.  She always adds a bit of cool personal style to any outfit.

Melania Trump in Vera Wang

She looks like a deranged hot pink Barbie Doll.  Sugar Daddy Barbie.  Enough said.  

Mischa Barton in Missoni 

Mischa got a lot of flack for this dress, which is understandable.  I don’t think it was as bad as most people said though.  The sleeves are horrible and the bodice has too much beading and stuff going on, but at least she took a risk.

Molly Sims in Versace

This color rocks on her.  I’m a sucker for a low-back dress too.  The turquoise earrings look great with it too.  Another one of my best for the night, though I wish I could see what the front looks like.

Naomi Watts

I’m torn on this one–I like the cool pleating and the star brooch, but I’m so over every blond actress trying to channel Marilyn Monroe.

Plum Sykes in Pucci

I think this dress is fantastic on her.  Normally the print and the sleeves and the volume would be too much, but on her it looks fantastic.  Could do without the satiny pink clutch though.

The Rodarte Contingent

I just love Rodarte’s really artsy designs.  They are so creative and their dresses really are works of art in themselves.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Burberry

I think this is my favorite look of the night.  I don’t really know who this girl is, but she looks great in the dress, the ombre effect is so cool, and the bag matches the blue in the dress really well.  And she didn’t try to overload herself with accessories, she let the cool dress take center stage.  Perfect.

Sarah SIlverman in Dolce and Gabbana

This dress does nothing for her at all.  I’ve never been a fan of the 50’s housewife look, and this makes her look really thick in the middle.  The polka-dots are bad on this skirt too.  Ordinarily I might like the striped half-gloves, but these don’t work here.

Giselle Bundchen (in Versace) with Tom Brady

Normally I might think this dress is a little too hoochy/Versace/sex on wheels, but it’s Giselle and come on, even Tom Brady can’t keep his eyes off her she looks so fantastic in it.

Zac Posen and Kate Mara in Zac Posen

I love her dress (I guess I’m on a yellow kick), but he looks bad.  Maybe he was going for a Superman vibe (the theme of the Gala was superheroes) but together they look like a box of Crayolas gone wrong.

I read today that Karl Lagerfeld is going to be a character in the new Grand Theft Auto Vice City video game. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Mr. Lagerfeld is becoming a celebrity in his own right? In this month’s issue of Allure magazine there was an article about various celebs and pop culture figures who have their own doll/action figure made in their likeness. Of course, Karl Lagerfeld was one such celebrity with his own doll (oddly, his doll was the most realistic out of all of them: Beyonce just looked like a black Barbie doll, Gwen Stefani’s doll featured a head that was half the size of her body and John Travolta’s character from Hairspray was just plain freaky). Karl Lagerfeld seems to be becoming the most famous fashion designer since Coco Chanel.

I have to wonder if this newfound celebrity status cheapens Mr. Lagerfeld’s image as a high-fashion designer, or if it instead does the fashion world justice by bringing fashion icons into the popular culture lexicon. A lot of girls I know that are interested in fashion still don’t know exactly who Karl Lagerfeld is. Granted they aren’t fashion freaks and digest every bit of information in every magazine like I do, but they should at least know the designer of one of the biggest and most widely known fashion houses in the world, right?

Maybe this is a good thing and Karl Lagerfeld will become the next Lara Croft. He would certainly add something to the outfit, maybe adding leather half-gloves, black jacket and a silk necktie. You never know.

One of the most fun things I’ve ever done in this city is an annual event called Bay to Breakers. For those who don’t know, it’s a race in SF from the Bay Bridge to the beach, hence, Bay to Breakers. There are real athletes who participate in the race seriously and actually run, but my friends and I like to do the party route and dress up in costumes and drink with all the other lazy, crazy, (fun loving) people.

Last year we all went as figure skaters a la Blades of Glory (hilarious!). This is my brother, in the costume that I picked out for him (he was such a good sport):

Because the race was on pavement and not ice, we wore roller skates which all the other participants found to be both clever and hysterical. I do have to say though, the roller skates lost their clever edge once we started doing this:

Which led to this:

Bay to Breakers is just so much fun because it’s entirely grown ups acting like idiots and having a good time doing it. My old roommate, who is a nurse and a little bit of a uptight person, was actually doing kegstands out of a rolling shopping cart. Lots of other people dress up, some just go naked (not attractive people, only the ones who sag in places they shouldn’t). Some of my other favorite costumes were the dudes dressed up as the Beatles with a Yellow Submarine Float:

Guys dressed up like MySpace pages:

And this, which I can’t even explain:

Because the skates were such a hit last year, this year we decided to revive the idea (and perhaps consume a little less Jameson in the process). So hence the idea for 1970’s Roller Derby Girls came into fruition. This weekend my roommate Jenny and I tried to look for costume ideas. We started off at Forever 21 downtown where I had seen these disgustingly ’70s terrycloth jumpsuits with short-shorts. Who wears short-shorts? Not I, as I found out after trying on the hideous jumpsuit. But I did manage to find a great raglan-sleeve tee with a big smiley face on the back and the saying, “Come on get happy” on the front.

Next, on to Haight Street where there is an American Apparel store that has sporty ’70’s style shorts with piping down the sides (not terrycloth and not as short as the Forever 21 jumpsuit shorts).

However, the line to try on the garments was huge (don’t go to Haight on a nice Saturday afternoon in SF) and I didn’t really feel like facing another vision of myself in shorts, so Jen and I left without trying them on. So, I am still on the lookout for the perfect Rollergirl incarnation. I have the roller skates in the mail (thanks Ebay!) and I was going to wear some great striped knee-high athletic socks, so I have until May 18 to find a pair of short-shorts that will actually look semi-decent on me.

Wish me luck.

And now for a moment of self-indulgence…

I recently cut my hair off. I was trying to go for an Edie Sedgwick vibe (or rather a Sienna Miller as Edie in Factory Girl vibe). Since then I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it. I like to think that these compliments are genuine, but I also think that they might also stem from people not necessarily liking the haircut, but rather acknowledging the jutzpah it takes for a girl to cut all her hair off. Let’s face it, a women’s identity and femininity is often wrapped up in her appearance, and a lot of that femininity is wrapped up in her hair. So I’ve been getting my props. I’ve also been getting a lot of “You look like….” Most of the time these comparisons are flattering, like “You look like Edie Sedgwick/Twiggy/Agyness Deyn/Mia Farrow/Linda Evangelista in the George Michael ‘Freedom’ video”. But last night at the bar I got the most confusing comparison yet.

Let’s set the scene: Dim bar, way past midnight so most everyone is blitzed out of their mind on mojitos and vodka tonics already. One of my fellow bartenders is attempting to help out two girls in rare form at the end of the bar. “No!” they yell at him. “We don’t want a drink from you. We want to get a drink from TINKERBELL!!!!”


These girls were comparing me to a fairy.

I know they probably meant it as a compliment. I mean, Tinkerbell is cute and sprightly because, well, she’s a sprite. But I wasn’t really going for the cute pixie vibe when I chopped my hair off. I wanted it to be slightly edgy and very cool.

Maybe I’m overreacting, I don’t know. Maybe I could be a cross between Tinkerbell and Edie Sedgwick.

Man, would she have an awesome wardrobe!

Yesterday I went to go see the Oakland A’s (that’s baseball for all you non-jocks) play the Boston Red Sox in Oakland. I’m not really into baseball, but my family is somewhat related to a player on the Red Sox, and therefore we get great tickets to games when the Sox come to town. I personally like to go for the ample people-watching opportunities. Baseball games are ripe with people (mostly men) discussing (drunken yelling) various topics of interest to only avid baseball fans (ERAs, RBIs, other stats that I don’t understand), but there are also people wearing really great stuff (giant foam cowbay hats and t-shirts with the sleeves cut off).

What I found most interesting was the baseball players’ wives (or BPWs to make things easier). Because of our family connections I was able to go down to “the tunnels” where the players walk from the locker room to their insanely expensive automobiles (huge SUVs and tiny sports cars. Why no middle ground?) parked in the VIP lot. Most of the people milling about in the tunnels were the BPWs waiting for their other halves to emerge freshly showered. While observing them I noticed that they were all dressed very similar.

Here is the uniform of a BPW:

1. Designer jeans (preferably Sevens, True Religions, or Citizens of Humanity)

2. Expensive-looking wrap sweater or cardigan

3. Stylish flats or peep-toe heels

4. Louis Vuitton bag (is anyone else as sick of the monogrammed tote as much as I am?)

I was observing them and realized that in my beanie, Converse sneakers, jeans (OK, they were designer too, so sue me), Bob Dylan t-shirt, and biker-style jacket that I probably looked pretty ratty compared to them. But I never felt more stylish. See, they all looked so put together, so polished, so BORING. I have always preferred someone with a more eclectic sense of style than someone who always looks just right. Give me the Kate Mosses and Sienna Millers of the world over the Nicole Kidmans and Katie Holmes any time. Sure Nicole and Katie always seem to look so perfect with their Chanel dresses and Hermes Birken bags, but Kate and Sienna just have way more style. It takes a lot more imagination and talent to put together something new instead of just going for the head-to-toe designer look book. Sure Kate and Sienna slip up every now and then (ankle-strap shoes strapped OVER jeans anyone?), but they still possess something that Nicole and Katie don’t have–individuality.

Of course the guy in the foam hat and cut-off t shirt is just unexcusable in any light.

Sorry dude.

For those of you who are unlike me and can actually find great things in vintage shops, you might want to know that there is a vintage fashion expo in San Francisco this weekend. For more information on the event go to for one have always envied those people who, when complimented on the great dress/hat/shirt/etc. they are wearing, can nonchalantly say with an air of smugness, “Oh, it’s vintage.” How cool does that sound?Living in San Francisco, and not too far from Haight Street at that, there is a vast supply of vintage clothing shops everywhere. But as much as I’ve tried to like the vintage fashions in these shops, when it comes down to actually buying and wearing something, I’ve never felt cool enough to pull that off. I’ve never really found anything that I thought wouldn’t look dowdy/geeky/fashion victim wearing. Something about the smell of the industrial-strength detergent they use to kill any germs the previous owner might have had eeks me out a bit, I think. For years I’ve coveted the great 70’s style coat with a fur collar that Kate Hudson’s Penny Lane wears in the movie Almost Famous. I’ve found a few that are close in a few vintage shops, but something about them always left me wanting, so still I go coatless.I would be lying if I said that I have never found anything good in a vintage store. I’ve actually found some really great accessories, like a stretchy black belt with a cool gold clasp, a brown western-style children’s belt with a bull on the buckle, and lots of cool bracelets. I’ve even found a great pair of red Prada wedge heeled sandals. And yet, I hardly ever wear them. I once did and I thought my feet were going to fall off from the pain. The shoes were so used to being on someone else’s feet, they therefore decided to chew up and spit out mine. But I just like being able to say that I own a pair of Prada shoes.Who knows, maybe I’ll go to this vintage fashion expo and find some great things. Or maybe I’ll just go and get creeped out by the smell. I’ll let you know.