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In an effort to be different and stand out a bit (the haircut has really boosted my confidence in the fashion department, so I think I can get away with gutsier clothes) I bought some green jeans yesterday.

I had tried these Rich and Skinny Emerald Sleek jeans on at Bloomingdales a week prior and really liked them, but couldn’t justify spending $150 on something so trendy. So I opted for something a little more practical (see my previous post, An Epic Journey…). But I kept thinking about them, and they really did fit well. So I went back and bought them yesterday.

So now my problem is styling options. I’ve worn them with black and grey tanks (black last night at the concert and grey as we speak), and I know white and other neutrals would work. The Bloomingdales salesperson had told me that the green would look good with muted yellow, purple, maroon, and other vaguely perturbing color choices. While I was politely nodding at his color suggestions, inside I was wondering just how much I wanted to look like an easter egg or a box of Crayolas gone berzerk. I’m not so sure about the color-on-color thing. Maybe one day when I’m feeling especially gutsy I’ll throw on my purple tie-dye tank from C&C California. But for now I’ll stick with the black, white and grey.

The pastel police are on the prowl, after all.