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Side note:

I had wanted to go see Death Cab For Cutie at the legendary Fillmore West in San Francisco tonight, but when I went to go purchase tickets to my dismay and disbelief the tickets (for floor seats) is $115.  General Admission is $125.  For Death Cab For Cutie.  They have a couple good songs, and granted, it’s sort of last minute, but I would only pay $125 to see someone really great and/or legendary.  I didn’t even see Paul McCartney when he came to Sacramento a few years ago when he was charging $250 per ticket, and he’s A FREAKING BEATLE.  Take a note, Death Cab For Cutie (or the band’s promoters, or the Fillmore, or whoever is in charge of ticket prices I’m not sure), I’m not going to pay that much to see you, ever, and I like your music.  Instead, tonight I’ll be doing my laundry.  My towels needed washing anyway.