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I have been on what seems like an epic journey to find the prefect pair of skinny jeans for some time now. I know that the more popular style right now are the wide legs and flares, but I don’t really feel like looking like I walked right off the set of the Sonny and Cher Show. I’ve always been more of a fan of bootcut and straight leg styles. Skinny jeans have always eluded me, mostly because a lot of the styles I’ve tried were so tapered and skinny that it looked like I was wearing denim-colored spandex, not a good look for me (and anyone else if you ask me). And so I have embarked upon my noble quest to find the perfect pair that aren’t like a second skin. Enter stage right, the Earnest Sewn Harlan cigarette leg jeans. Really dark wash, mid-rise waist (I’m over showing my buttcrack to strangers on the street, at least not without a cash advance, kidding), and better yet, a leg that isn’t super tapered and thus skims the leg all the way down, instead of clinging like saran wrap. Hallelujah! They’re still brand new and a little stiff, so I’ve been walking around my apartment doing squats and other strange movements to break them in. Pretty soon I’ll be good to go.

Now if I could only find the perfect pair of pointy-toed pumps that don’t kill my feet to go with them…but that’s an epic journey for another day.